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Fall walks with a lovely lady. #beauty #fall #nature #hike #sunset #creation #amazing

He guides my steps. #joybiblecamp #jbc #peaceful #lake #camp #homeawayfromhome #scripture

Sometimes I cry because all I want is a good female friend who is my age.

First time since grade 9 with new glasses! #iamalibrarianagain #firstpairfree #clearlycontacts

And where you are, Lord I am free! Holiness is Christ in me!

Lunchtime feast and #goldenoldies on the iPad makes for a perfect afternoon. #yummy #getinmybelly #summertimeblues



Sooo… I posted a picture of my boyfriend earlier today and some blog dedicated to half-naked hot celeb guys reblogged it.

Should I be worried…

Or proud..


*update.. The picture is no longer on that blog. I don’t know what is going on.

Look at that face..:) #handsome #Canadian #love #soulmate

today my mom laughed for 30 minutes about this







do you ever just get up from your computer to walk aimlessly around your house only to sit back down in front of the computer again

I pointlessly open the fridge too.

sometimes i just stand in the middle of the living room and look lost.

Why am I in the bathroom

*whispers* we’re all sims

I love him! #Toronto #boat #love #boyfriend



  1. It sets unrealistic expectations of sex in marriage. 
  2. It makes you feel dirty.
  3. It’s a waste of time. 
  4. It’s a waste of money.
  5. It seems to promote pleasure, but it just ends up destroying you and the ones you love. 
  6. Most of the girls in the porn industry have been sexually abused in some way. 
  7. It’s cheating. Not only with your spouse, but with God as well (we are the bride of Christ).
  8. It’s like cheap fast food, why not have a steak instead (keeping our hearts pure and keeping sex for marriage).
  9. It’s one of the hardest hurdles a relationship will face.
  10. It’s sinful.
  11. Shame sucks.
  12. It makes girls/spouses feel like crap, like they’ll never be or look good enough.
  13. It’s an addiction.
  14. It brings on lots and lots of guilt.
  15. It’s disgusting.
  16. It will ruin your life.
  17. It doesn’t fix anything.
  18. Damages marriages/relationships.
  19. You lose trust from your spouse.
  20. It supports sex trade, sex trafficking, and sex slavery.
  21. You could be doing other things with your time.
  22. It makes you feel alone, even more alone than you were before.
  23. The images stay with you for a LONG time and it ruins you.
  24. It’s just gross.
  25. They people you’re looking lustfully at are sons and daughters of the most high God.
  26. It will NEVER leave you satisfied.
  27. It can have serious side effects on your brain/thought process.
  28. It can even shrink parts of your brain.
  29. It can numb your feelings.
  30. It can become your god.
  31. It degrades women (men also).
  32. It puts a wall between you and God.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” - John 10:10 NLT

*If you struggle with porn or know someone who does, check out XXXChurch! They have some great resources to help fight/overcome porn addictions. 

Krista; -20 years old, hopelessly romantic, head over heels in love, and an old lady at heart. Trying live my life clothed in strength and dignity. God's got a plan for me - I just don't know it yet. Join me as I learn to give up control and let God show me the way.

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